Kolob Canyons, Zion National Park

Date: April 18, 2011

The Kolob Canyons are located in the northwestern section of Zion National Park, far and not easily accessed from Zion Canyon, which along with its colder winter weather kept me from seeing more of it.  However, the canyons are easily accessed from exit 40 on Interstate 15, where the Kolob Canyons Road leads to a visitor center as well as trailheads and viewpoints.

The view from the Kolob Terrace Road

Because I was pressed for time when I visited, I simply drove the road and went to the viewpoint.  However, the Taylor Creek Trail leads to Double Arch Alcove.  The La Verkin Creek Trail goes to the enormous Kolob Arch and connects to the Hop Valley Trail, which goes to the Kolob Terrace Road at Firepit Knoll, forming a network of interconnected trails in the park.

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