Sandstone Nature Trail at Sardis Lake

The Sandstone Nature Trail is a 1.6-mile loop trail near the dam at Sardis Lake. The trail begins at the same trailhead as the Sandstone Fitness Trail, below the south side of the dam. This is an easy loop on a well maintained trail through and old pine plantation and hardwood forest.

Overall, there is about 140 feet of elevation gain, and there are also a couple of side trails, one to a sign about the pine plantation, and another through an open, sandy area. Several small bridges cross small streams and ditches, but otherwise there's not much else. I've hiked this trail a few times, but the photos and video here are from a hike on June 8, 2017.

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Rocky Ridge Horse Trail at Enid Lake

The Rocky Ridge Horse Trail is an 8-mile round trip network of trails along the northern shore of Enid Lake in north Mississippi. The trail starts from the Plum Point area, with the trailhead on the left as you're driving towards the campground.

The only map I have been able to find of this trail is the one that is on the board at the trailhead. I went on this hike with the knowledge that there is supposed to be a trail here, but that's it. This trail turns out to be a lot like others in Mississippi - poorly maintained, poorly signed, used by ATVs, and has numerous other side trails that at times go in every direction. To hike this trail you need to know of the general direction to hike in, how to get back, and just go.

Once I got about a mile and a half from the trailhead the trail looked like it received very little use. I eventually reached the midway point on the trail where a dirt road provides access to the lake. From this point, a left the trail and walked along the dr…

Wall Doxey State Park

Wall Doxey State Park is a small park in northern Mississippi, and like many parks, it was build by the CCC and consists of a lake (reservoir), campground, day use area, visitor center, cabins, and one hiking trail. I visited the park and hike the trail on March 3, 2017.

The trail circles Spring Lake, forming a 2.1-mile loop that traverses through forest, wetlands, and the day use area. It begins along the eastern side of the lake next to a pier, and begins by going northward through the forest. The trail eventually crosses a small creek on the upstream side of the lake (there's a footbridge), before climbing up a very small hill on the western side of the lake.

Overall, there is very little elevation gain on this hike - about 75 feet overall. On the southern side of the lake, the trail crosses the small dam before continuing on through the day use area, where there is another pier. There actually isn't a clear trail through this part of the park, but rather you just have to …

Tishomingo State Park

Tishomingo State Park is located in the northwest corner of Mississippi along the Natchez Trace Parkway. The park is fairly unique for Mississippi as it has valleys, rock outcroppings, and a few small waterfalls.

I visited on February 16, 2017, a warm winter day when there were only a couple of other people in the park. The park has seven trails varying in length from 0.75 to 3 miles and numerous other facilities.

My first stop was the Outcroppings Trail, a two mile loop that begins at the swinging bridge, a suspension footbridge across Bear Creek. The water level in Bear Creek was moderately high and quite muddy when I was there. On the other side of Bear Creek, the trail splits, with one side following the the top of the outcroppings, with the other side following the bottom of the outcroppings. This is a fairly easy hike, aside from the short climb up to the upper portion of the trail. Along the trail you can explore around the outcroppings, including a couple of very small waterf…

Spyglass Hill Trail at Enid Lake

The Spyglass Hill Trail is a 20-mile network of hiking and equestrian trails along the south side of Enid Lake in Mississippi. This trail is on Army Corps of Engineers land and can be accessed from multiple trailheads (see the map below). I hiked the trail the warm winter afternoon of January 27, 2017.

I began my hike from Ford's Well, which is a developed day use area and campground on the eastern half of the trail network. Overall, I found this trail to be much like other hiking trails in the region: wide (often plowed by machines), predominately used by horses, on the same paths as old roads, and very poorly marked, often with many side trails. Cumulatively, I hiked a little over five miles on this trip.

I began my hike by going clockwise on the small loop south of Ford's Well, which passes through forest, cleared areas, and then returned on an old road to the trailhead. From the trailhead it took a fair bit of searching around to find where the trail continues from the far…

North Cypress Trail in Holly Springs National Forest

The North Cypress Non-Motorized Trail is a 3.3-mile loop trail in Holly Springs National Forest east of Oxford, Mississippi. I've hiked this trail multiple times (including in November 2015), and it is a decent hike for this region of Mississippi. There is only about 280 feet of elevation gain along its route, so it is an easy hike.

Similar to my visit in 2015, my hike on January 12, 2017 was one when I saw no other people or vehicles, and the weather was quite mild for mid-January.

You can see my post from November 2015 and my video above for more details on the route, but this time a few things had changed. A large section of the trail between the dam and the old unpaved road that is used as a section of the trail was previously very difficult to follow and seemed like just a path marked with flagging through the forest. This time, the trail had been plowed with a bobcat or other piece of machinery and was quite obvious, although the trail itself was fairly muddy. Also, I hike …

Clear Springs Nature Trail

About a mile and half downstream of Sardis Dam in Panola County, Mississippi is a short 0.6-mile nature trail built by the Army Corps of Engineers. Clear Springs Nature Trail begins along River Road and forms a loop from the parking lot.

I began my hike on January 9, 2016 by hiking counterclockwise from the parking lot. The trail can be divided into two unequal sections, as it is split by River Road. The first longer, but flatter section is nearly entirely a boardwalk that goes out through the cypress swamp before returning to the road just a short distance from the trailhead.

At the southernmost end of the boardwalk section, there is a viewing area with benches overlooking the swamp. I was lucky to see a beaver sitting about 20 feet from the end of the boardwalk, and it didn't even notice me.

As the trail continues across the road, it climbs about 50 feet in elevation up a hill, traverses across the hill, and then descends a set of stairs back to the trailhead. Overall, it was a…