Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Location: Glen Rose, Texas
Date: October 12, 2013

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center covers 1,800 acres and has 1,100 animals that roam freely throughout that area. The main attraction of the area is a 9.5-mile driving tour that allows the animals to walk up to your car and for you to feed them. Many of the animals in the center are of conservation concern due to dwindling populations or other factors. Nearly all the animals that the self-driving tour passes are ungulates - various deer, zebra, giraffes, white rhinos, etc., but also include emus and ostriches (and wild turkeys that happened to be in the area).

The driving route also passes the cheetah cages where there were several individual cheetahs as well as a mother and her three large cubs. There is also an intensive management area that is separate from the main tour and features species of special concern, including maned wolves, red wolves, black rhinos, and Mexican gray wolves, among others.

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