Rio Grande Village Nature Trail, Big Bend National Park

Distance: 0.75 mile loop
Location: Big Bend National Park, Texas
Date: October  23, 2013

Sierra del Carmen and ocotillos along the trail

The Rio Grande Village Nature Trail is 0.75-mile loop trail in Big Bend National Park. The trail begins in the Rio Grande Village Campground and starts by crossing a floating walkway through a wetland along the Rio Grande. It then continues around a small hill until a spur trail turns to the south and goes towards the river across a gravel bed in a bend of the river.

The trail as it crosses the wetland and pond

View from the other end of the wetland

This trail eventually dead ends, and you can't really see where the trail actually ends, so if you reach the river then you've gone as far as you can go. Turn around and return to the main trail and continue following it clockwise as it climbs the small hill. Once on the hill another very short spur continues to two signs at overlook points on the hill. From the top of this hill you can see across the Rio Grande to the Sierra del Carmen above Boquillas, Mexico (town not actually visible) and to the west to the Chisos Mountains.

View east from the top of the hill

View west from the overlook with the wetland in foreground and Chisos Mountains in the background

The trail then descends back down the hill and returns to the point where the trail split for the loop, so continue back towards the wetland and the campground to return to the trailhead.

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