Chihuahuan Desert Nature Trail, Big Bend National Park

Distance: 0.5-mile loop
Location: Big Bend National Park, Texas
Date: October 23, 2013

Chisos Mountains from the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Trail

The Chihuahuan Desert Nature Trail is a short half mile long trail on the eastern side of Big Bend National Park. The trail goes around one of the park's former ranch sites called the Dugout Ranch, so called because the buildings were dug out of the ground to provide better insulation from the desert heat.

Windmill that still pumps water

Trees growing around the water source

No structures remain in the area, although you can see a depression where a building once was located. A grove of cottonwood and other trees (including a non-native fig palm) grow where the groundwater coming from the Chisos Mountains approaches the ground's surface and is pumped by a windmill. The trail has a number of small interpretive signs about the desert and life in it as well as views of the Chisos Mountains.

Fig palm

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