Meteor Crater, Arizona

Location: east of Flagstaff, Arizona
Date: December 5, 2013

Meteor Crater from the upper overlook

The Barringer Crater, more commonly known as the Arizona Meteor Crater or just Meteor Crater, is perhaps the world's most famous and best preserved meteor crater in the world. It was created about 50,000 years ago by the Canyon Diablo Meteorite, a 30 tonne meteorite that traveled at over 28,000 miles per hour when it hit Earth, creating an explosion that released about 10 megatons of energy. The crater is 3,900 feet in diameter and 570 feet deep.

Today the crater is a privately-owned tourist attraction with a $16 per person entrance fee. There is a museum, theater, and gift shop along the crater's rim. A very short trail goes to an overlook on the top of the crater rim and another very short trail goes down to two more overlooks just below the rim. Occasional guided walks along the canyon rim away from the trails that are open to self-guided visits are included in the entrance fee. Going into the crater is not permitted except for special occasions.

Crater from one of the lower viewpoints

View northwest from the crater rim over the museum and towards Flagstaff and the San Francisco Peaks at left of center

The crater from one of the lower viewpoints

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