Wupatki National Monument

Location: northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona
Date: December 7, 2013

Wupatki Pueblo

Wupatki is one of the three Flagstaff-area national monuments (along with Walnut Canyon and Sunset Crater), but it is the lowest in elevation, which meant that it was snow-free and mostly windless, which made for an enjoyable winter visit. The area includes the ruins of several settlements created by the ancient Pueblo people that were occupied between 500 AD and 1225. Like many of the structures in the monument, the namesake Wupatki Pueblo was constructed on a rock outcropping, but it was a 100-room structure that had been the largest and tallest structure for 50 miles.

Panorama of the Wupatki Pueblo area

There are a number of short, easily accessible trails in the monument that go from parking areas to the various ruins. Other than Wupatki, the Wukoki Pueblo is perhaps the most visited and most noticeable. Other ruins include the Citadel Pueblo, Nalakihu Pueblo, Lomaki Pueblo, and the Box Canyon dwellings. There is also a short trail on the Doney Crater along the road through the park, but this is on Coconino National Forest land.

Wukoki Pueblo

Box Canyon ruins

Lomaki Pueblo

Ballcourt at Wupatki Pueblo

Citadel (background) and Nalakihu pueblos

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