Tuzigoot National Monument

Location: Cottonwood, Arizona
Date: December 11, 2013

Tuzigoot pueblo

After hiking through the snow on the West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon, I drove southwest to Cottonwood, Arizona where I stopped briefly at Tuzigoot National Monument. Tuzigoot preserves a pueblo built on a small ridge about 120 feet above the Verde River. Built between 1125 and 1400 CE, the pueblo contains 110 rooms and was occupied by the Sinagua people. As such, it is the largest and best preserved structure built by the Sinagua.

There is a visitor center next to the pueblo with artifacts from the region on display. A short paved trails goes from the visitor center and loops around the pueblo with a short spur that goes into the structure and onto its roof. For more ruins in the area, see Montezuma Castle National Monument.

The pueblo near center on the ridge surrounded by the Verde River floodplain

View from the top of the pueblo

The pueblo

Part of the pueblo from above

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