Doney Crater Trail, Coconino National Forest

Distance: 0.4 mi
Location: Coconino National Forest, northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona
Date: December 7, 2013

View to the north from the lower hill. The hill in this picture is another, larger part of the Doney craters that a trail doesn't go up.

The Doney Crater Trail is a short 0.4-mile long trial in Coconino National Forest northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona. The trail is along the border with Wupatki National Monument and is accessed from the main road that goes through Wupatki and Sunset Crater national monuments.

View from higher hill

View from the higher hill with the San Francisco Peaks in the distance

The trail crosses cinders at the base of the cinder cone volcanoes that make up the Doney Crater. The trail ascends a very short distance to a split in the trail. The split to the left goes up to the top of the smaller hill, and this side is the shorter of the two. If you go to the right you can go to the top of a higher hill with views all around, including to the south (which is obscured from the other hill by this one). The total elevation gain up this hill is perhaps 100 feet and is generally a fairly easy trail. There are a few ruins in very poor condition along the trail that were used by people that lived in Wupatki and by more recent explorers.

Ruins on the crater

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