Greensfelder Park Combo Loop Hike

Distance: 4.1 miles round trip
Overall elevation gain: 426 feet
Location: Wildwood, Missouri
Date: August 20, 2013

Greensfelder Park's numerous interconnecting trails make for the possibility of several loop hikes. See Greensfelder's park map for planning your trip. My hike began at the parking lot near the entrance to Rockwoods Range/Dogwood Trail. From the parking lot I followed the Deer Run Trail clockwise down into the valley. At the bottom of the valley I turned north onto the Eagle Valley/Green Rock Trail to the intersection with the Overlook Trail. I followed the entire Overlook Trail to the Beulah Trail and then a connector trail back to another part of the Deer Run Trail, which I followed back to the parking lot.

For more information see my track on AllTrails.

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