The Peak, Hong Kong

Date: August 10, 2013
Location: Hong Kong Island

View from the peak

The Peak is the top tourist destination in Hong Kong for viewing the city's skyline. A trip to the Peak Tower is usually combined with a ride on the Peak Tram from the city below. The area is named after neighboring Victoria Peak, which is the highest point on Hong Kong Island.

I began my trip from the BP International Hotel by walking to the Jordan Station on the MTR Tseun Wan Line (subway). I took this line from Kowloon under Victoria Harbor to Admiralty Station in Central. I then walked from the Admiralty Station to the lower terminus of the Peak Tram at Garden Road in the St. John's Building. I arrived at the tram probably around 5:30 pm, and there was a very long line waiting for the tram. So, I stood outside in the heat and sun for nearly an hour before entering the building where I bought a combination round-trip ticket for the tram and entrance to the Peak Tower.

Building in Central along my walk from Admiralty Station to the tram

Street trams in Central

Inside the building waiting for the tram

After some more waiting I boarded the tram, which is a funicular railway and the most direct route from Central to the upper parts of Hong Kong Island. Once the tram starts moving, there are views of the city on the right side of the tram. The trip to the peak takes only a few minutes, after which you take a series of escalators to the observation deck on the roof of the building.

View south from the Peak Tower
View just before sunset

I arrived at probably the perfect time because it was still far enough before sunset for there to be great lighting, but late enough that I could wait around for the spectacular views at and after sunset (including the light show on the ICC).

Hong Kong from the Peak at night

The Peak Tower

After leaving the Peak Tower, I again had to wait for the tram in a line that was almost as long as the one at the bottom on my way up. After taking the tram down to the lower terminus, I decided that since it was dark and not as terribly hot as earlier I would walk through Central past some of the iconic buildings, including the Bank of China Tower and the International Finance Centre to the Central Ferry Pier.

Bank of China Tower

International Finance Centre

I then took the Star Ferry across the harbor to the ferry pier in Kowloon and walked along the waterfront taking in more great views of the city across the harbor at night. After this, I entered MTR's network of air-conditioned underground walkways, which I took the the Tsim Sha Tsui Station. After a short ride back one station on the Tseun Wan Line, I was at the Jordan Station and made the walk to the BP International.

Hong Kong Island viewed from the Kowloon Waterfront

The Clock Tower and ICC

A junk in the harbor

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