Lion Rock, Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong
Distance: ~2 mi (one way)
Elevation gain: ~1400 ft
Date: August 10, 2013

View to the southeast from Lion Rock

Lion Rock is a 1,624-ft hill/mountain that rises above the north side of Kowloon in Hong Kong. I made the hike to Lion Rock beginning where I was staying at Hong Kong Baptist University by walking along city streets until I reached the entrance to Lion Rock Park at the base of the mountains. The trail to the top of the ridge is paved with rocks embedded in cement. There are a few remnants of structures from World War II along the lower portion of this trail, but these are in poor condition and fenced off.

Lion Rock in the distance

The lower portion of the trail

Close up of Lion Rock

You are surrounded by trees as the trial climbs toward the ridge, and the only views are either through the trees in spots or back through the gap above the trail. However, there is one overlook probably about halfway up with views, and there are again more views of the the city once you reach the ridge.

View to the south

View north

From the point where you reach the top of the ridge the trail is not longer paved as it follows the ridge to the top of Lion Rock. The views gradually improve as you get closer to the top, but the views along the way don't really compare to those on the summit.

View west

The trail I followed goes up the ridge to the west

August is probably the worst time of year to hike in Hong Kong since nearly every day it is 90 degrees Fahrenheit and 80-90 percent humidity. This made for a miserable hike, all of which was worsened by the fact that the day I hiked had by far the worst air quality of my entire stay in Hong Kong. So, what would have been great views before and close to sunset, really weren't that great, as I could barely see to Hong Kong Island to the south. There is an extensive trail network across Hong Kong that the trail I followed connects to.

The trail continues to the east

Lion Rock from just to the east

Upper part of the trail

Crossing a road in Kowloon just below the peak

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