Seven Falls

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Date: August 28, 2013

Seven Falls from the viewpoint across the canyon

Seven Falls is a waterfall that is a series of seven falls totaling 181 feet in height on South Cheyenne Creek in Colorado Springs. The falls are on private property, and you have to pay an entrance fee along the road as it enters South Cheyenne Canyon. The area claims to be the "grandest mile of scenery in Colorado."

The main attraction is the falls, and there are two ways to see it. The first is a viewing platform just across the canyon from the falls. This platform can be reached via an elevator in the side of the canyon or stairs on the outside of the mountain. From this platform you can get an all-encompassing view of the falls. The second way is a stairway that goes up the canyon directly next to the falls, but there is not elevator on this route.

At the base of Seven Falls

The staircase along the falls eventually reaches to top of the falls where it continues on to Midnight Falls, which is a smaller waterfall and a short walk up along South Cheyenne Creek. The trail also splits and travels less than a mile (one way) to Inspiration Point, which is a viewpoint overlooking the canyon below and on to downtown Colorado Springs (you can't see the falls from Inspiration Point).

View from Inspiration Point

The second set of stairs along the falls

The upper part of the falls

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